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Education Cloud is focused on developing talent for the Digital Economy. As automation transforms the workplaces and a new global convergence reshapes our economies, many roles become obsolete, and at the same time, demand for new skills, to design, deliver and manage the digital transformation emerge.

Education Cloud offers Global Education programmes on Digital Transformation and New Technologies, delivered in real-life environments in close collaboration with employers. The programmes, offered in partnership with innovative Global Universities, Technology Companies and Employers provide knowledge and Experience that a 21st Century professional needs to thrive in Digital Economy professions.


What We Do

Education Cloud offers:

  • Post-graduate Diploma programmes on Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation
  • Workex - Onsite and Virtual Internships with Digital Economy companies
  • Preparatory Programmes for Global Digital Economy Careers

Our Team



Xelpmoc is a unique combination of startup incubator and technology partner.
Xelpmoc comprises of engineers, designers, product managers, marketing specialists, data scientists, and finance & legal experts.
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Olive Learning

Olive Group was established in 2006 as a result of our experience as a business in the oil and gas sector: safety was a priority for many organisations like ours but compliance and legislation were becoming an expensive headache. Read More..


WorkEx is the Global Virtual Work platform which allows learners to gain real life work experience with employers globally, develop digital economy skills and professional approach fit for global workplaces and find a suitable global career.

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Cloud Experience

Work on the Cloud alongside Global Teams to solve real life problems and gain experience

ed-cloud ed-cloud

Enterprise School

Join real life Communities of Learners globally to work and learn in a global location

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Global Placements

Travel to one of the Global Locations for an Internship

Looking For Cloud Talent?

We provide well-trained project interns to take on work assignments, in person or over the cloud, to design, develop or implement Cloud Solutions, Digital Transformation Projects and other similar work. Register your interest to hire the project teams for FREE!


Explaining The Education Cloud

s Education Cloud about education for the cloud or education on the cloud? Surely, I anticipated such questions when I decided to sell solutions to Higher Education institutions.

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The Idea of EducationCloud

Whether you are a technology enthusiast or not, it is perhaps still obvious that increasingly capable machines are changing the workplace. One could be optimistic or fearful about these....

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The Relationship Between Learning and Technology

When someone asks what I do, I like to say I work on Education Innovation. This sounds vague enough to give me two advantages:..

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